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Origin Green

The Premium Butcher and Origin Green

The Premium Butcher as part of Dawn Meats are proud to be a verified member of Origin Green since its launch in 2012. Origin Green is the only sustainability programme in the world which operates on a national scale. To date over 137,000 on farm carbon assessments have been completed, the very same farms where we source our livestock.

As one of the first verified members of Origin Green we have each year submitted more ambitious targets.  Our sustainability plan makes many commitments under the headings of energy, water, emissions, waste, raw material sourcing, biodiversity, people and community.  Under energy and water we have made significant progress and on average over the last 4 years we have each year saved the same energy that would power 8,600 homes and saved the same water that would fill 160 Olympic sized swimming pools.

We undertake significant work to support our supply chain and we continue to invest internally in our people, plant, processes and technology.   Through our membership of Origin Green and many complementary CSR initiatives Dawn Meats is fully committed to the goal of being ‘Europe’s most sustainable meat company’.  For more detail about our sustainability commitments please down load our CSR report here.